Premium Quality
Herb Extracts

We use only the finest organically grown Kentucky Herbs, extracted in high-quality manufacture to give you the purest, cleanest products on the market!

  • 100% Organic
  • Finest organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR)
  • Guaranty of refund policy
  • Solvent-free CO2 extract
  • FDA registered manufacturing facility
  • USA-grown organic herbs
  • Terpenes, flavonoids & phytochemicals



Real People with Real Results

Stefany / Verified Green Papas customer

I completely forgot about this gel until I became a trader for the whole time. Once, after a day of trading, I looked in the mirror ... I looked exhausted: bags under my eyes, my face was swollen, gray, oily to the touch. I washed, smeared the gel, less than 15 minutes passed, as the heaviness in the face disappeared, blush appeared.

Layla / Verified Green Papas customer

I use it before and after the working day. My usually irritated skin has calmed down, so much so that I now use much less makeup! The cream is so strong that it affected the always tense facial muscles, which gave an additional anti-aging effect. After all, when muscles are relaxed, wrinkles are almost invisible!

Olga / Verified Green Papas customer

I learned about Green Papas cream from my friends - they praised it and asked to try it: at first, I hesitated, because at home I already had two creams in which I was disappointed! Still ordered from the GP's site. Exactly a day later, the package arrived.

Natural Herbs Oil For Perfect Results

Every year we remain at the peak of excellence

The synergistic work of each molecule for the best effect on body systems at all levels, taking into account the latest scientific discoveries for the best possible results.


Made in ideal proportions of phytochemicals to safe daily use.

Absolute transparency for each product

Every single product has a QR code on the label. By easily scanning with your camera on your phone it will take you to Third Party Lab Reports.

Stimulate positive ECS response

All compounds positively regulate the ECS & anti-inflammatory response, offering psychological, physiological, & neurological benefits.

Restores, maintain balance & wellness

Helps fill nutritional gaps and supports overall health & wellness also helps overall body immunity and upgrades antioxidant shields.


Clean premium ingredients and Science.
Based Formulas, Real Results

Only premium quality ingredients from ecological regions of Kentucky, hi-end manufacture and lasting state of art scientific formulas.
Experts on every step from growing, production to delivery can get you REAL RESULTS.

TOP of the line ingredients

We grow only the best non-GMO varieties with an ideal ratio of components, taking into account all indicators of the external environment, we are constantly improving both varieties and methods of collection and extraction.


Green Papas makes no compromises on premium quality, which is why we're still 100% American owned - and has grown in most ecological region of Kentucky. We are in the business of producing premium quality products with a positive social impact. We are committed to a green future for our consumers, our planet. We believe that this is our mission, and we hope you will join it too!


Unique herbal blend of powerful plant extracts and essential fatty acids, plus essential minerals for optimum health & wellbeing benefits. All-natural: no artificial odorants or preservatives, no artificial coloring agents. All non-GMO, no fillers, soy, gluten, corn, yeast or animal origin.


We believe in full transparency and being 100% open with our customers. Tested from plant to product multiple times to ensure compliance, safety, and quality. Also, every product undergoes third-party testing in best labs, to ensure that the safety, quality, and potency of our products uphold our company standards It’s important to know what you buying because with the transparency you can calculate proper use of our products.

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